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You're so very talented Fatima.

Very,very beautiful art work Fatima!

Thank you Kelly!

Much appreciate it Kelly and the compliment................right back at you! Your caricatures are fantastic.

Happy Holidays!

Wishing all of my friends, family and visitors to this website Happy Holidays and a wonderfully happy, prosperous and Artcy New Year! :) Thank you for all the support and good wishes.

Thank you!

Aww...thank you Maureen. I am so glad that you visited my website but more so that you liked my work! Believe me when I say that for some reason the 'Block Party' is one of everyone's favourites on my website. :) Thanks!

So colorful

Love your work, Fatima. Love the bright colors, the flowers, and especially Block Party! Where's my block party? Also love the names you have given your work. So imaginative and talented. ❤️❤️

More please!!

Please bring more paintings to Jay Kay Systems for me to look at, they brighten up these rainy days!!

But of course!

Consider it done Candace........... :)


Thank you "Anonymous"...........appreciate your comment! :)

Love everything, you are so

Love everything, you are so talented!!!

beautiful work

Hello Fatima;
You handle colour beautifully. I am looking forward to seeing it. Do you have anything at Art Beat at the present time?

Thank you!

Hello Peg,

Thank you for your very kind comments. Yes, I do have a few paintings at Art Beat presently and I am sure Brigitte would love to show you the pieces, if they are not on display yet. They keep getting moved around due to various exhibits.
Many thanks for visiting my website as well. Sincerely, Fatima

Great person,Great work.One

Great person,Great work.One of a kind :)

Thank you!

Many thanx

Thank you!

Appreciate your comment. Many thanx indeed!!

hey, saw your additional

hey, saw your additional paintings and all three are great. keep up the good work! n best of luck


wow, I'm so impressed by the progress in your recent paintings, the way you've played with colours and textures. Your sense of composition, shows further maturity in your work and one can tell you're really loving what you're doing leaving the observer no choice but to love it too.

My favourite are, The tree Party, The vision in red, Fall n winter, "Neon" for sure, solitude and last but not the least "blossoms" where the vango inside you has come out. BRAVO.

love n prays x

A million thanx!

What a brilliant way to describe my 'vango'!! Thanx a mil. Sarwat and I am so glad you visited my website. What I have seen of your paintings, you are no less an artist than anyone I know! Your own paintings of trees and nature speak volumes about your ability to portray them on canvas! Good luck with your future endeavours..................luv and prays

fire and ice

pls consider it sold !!!!

Fire n' ice

Phew!! Finally, sold Fire n'Ice. Will be my most expensive painting sold to date ;)

my favourite one

my favourite one is your Blossom painting. :)

Many thanx

I am glad you liked Blossoms. One of my favourite paintings too.

Happy New Year

Wishing everyone the best of the season and a wonderful and happy 2010!! The best is yet to come!
Thank you for all your support.


Great work thumbs up (Y).MMA

Great work thumbs up (Y).
MMA Forum

Thank you!

Thank you for visiting my website Mr.Smith. Appreciate your encouragement!

Very Beautiful!

I love the beautiful scarf I got. Your work is very impressive! I especially like the oil paintings with sunsets on water. May Allah bless you in your work.

Many thanks

Thank you so much for all the encouragement and appreciation. I am glad you liked it Nafisa Aapa :)

Hello :]

Hello Fatima, I really enjoy you art and i hope you continue till the end. I bought a couple of your scarves and I wear them almost everyday. :]

Thank you !


Thank you so much for the encouragement! I appreciate it. I am so glad that you are wearing the scarves and enjoying 'art' in its wearable form :). Thank you for visiting my website.

Colour, colour, colour!

I came across Fatima's work this past summer at the Art Walk. Her work is filled with vibrant colour and totally caught my eye amongst the array of artists. I purchased a painting which turned out to be a lovely addition to my home, and moreover, Fatima herself is a lovely and warm person to whom I took an instant liking. Look forward to seeing more of her work!

Thank you !

Thanks a million for all the encouragement and such a nice comment! Much appreciated! Likewise I must say as it was a pleasure meeting you again, Anita.

Good luck!

Thank you and wishing you much success in your endeavours. Good luck!

It was the most colourful

It was the most colourful stall on the whole artwalk.
The paintings were very eyecatching and original, all of them had the artists own version of imagination and thought.
I am sure that we are going to hear a lot more this artist in future.

I had the great good fortune

I had the great good fortune to buy one of your beautiful tie dye scarves on Sunday - it is a please to wear art on my body and have it decorate my day. I'm so glad you "paint outside the lines"!


I hope it brings as much colour and joy to you as it did to me when I painted it :)

girl with the fabric paints

Your paintings do give me lots of joy, and I am planning on trying it out myself.
Thank You :)

loovvve your paintings!

hey fatima!

i just saw your website and i lurrve your paintings! they are so original and unique! i love your scarfs and i cant wait for u to do make more stuff!!

painting with words

I have to say that I fell in love allover again wiyh my best friend,and this time for creating an exciting picture of her talent and tastes -with words.I'm so proud of you and hope that u achieve what ure really capable of, and deserve too -THE STARZ ! GOOD LUCK

Very good post, thanks a lot.

Very good post, thanks a lot.


Thank you!! The best of the best to you too :)